NORFOLK -- Some food truck operators are feeling like they won the lottery. They did actually - a food truck lottery.

Names were drawn Wednesday morning for six spaces in downtown Norfolk beginning in April. And the winners are: Panavoir, Diesel Foods, Bobby Q, Jeepney Express, Surfside Mobile Food Service and Granby Street Hot Dogs. Alternates are Sofritos, Karnage Asada, Bros Fish Tacos, Captain Chefs, The Coop, The Lucky Peach, Pita Pit and Malbon's BBQ.

The vendors, who will provide full service breakfast, lunch or dinner options, will rotate each month.

-Freemason St. 100 block 2 spaces
-Plume St. at MacArthur Square 2 spaces
-Bank St. at MacArthur Square 2 spaces

This is the second year the city has held a lottery for food truck operations.

Operators who participated last year with no violations will receive first right of refusal this year in a separate lottery to choose their starting locations.

Download/print the map of the food truck locations

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