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The Plot

The Plot in the Arts District

The Plot is a temporary park located in the Downtown Arts District at 776 Granby Street at the corner of Granby Street and Olney Road.

This is the second location for this unique urban recreation space that utilizes reclaimed materials in innovative ways that best utilize the space such as shipping containers used at vertical gardens and public art, a life size chess game and an area dedicated to performance art.

The Plot in the Arts District is scheduled to be complete by the end of summer 2014. Click here to see plans and renderings.


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About the Plot

Since June 2012, The Plot has provided downtowners and visitors with an attractive temporary space as proxy for future development. The original location of The Plot was the corner of Granby Street and Main Street and it was created with the help of hundreds of volunteers that installed donated cobblestones, planted flowers, and created signs to fashion the common space complete with an amphitheater and seating areas.

In May 2014, with the onset of construction for the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center, another opportunity was created to transform another site into an urban park for the community and The Plot was relocated to its new location in the downtown Arts District.

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