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Downtown 100

Downtown 100

What is the Downtown 100?

The Downtown 100 (DT100) is a highly motivated group of young professionals, 21-40 years old, from Downtown’s business, cultural and residential communities.  They serve as ambassadors for the Downtown Norfolk Council and are committed to a dynamic, attractive and prosperous downtown.  Each has demonstrated leadership in fulfilling the vision for making Downtown the economic heart of Hampton Roads.

Downtown Norfolk Council

The Downtown Norfolk Council Vision
The Downtown Norfolk Council, as the leading advocate for Downtown Norfolk; is a strong, focused, and effective voice advancing Downtown’s position as the thriving cultural, and economic  center of Hampton Roads.

The Downtown Norfolk Council Mission
The Downtown Norfolk Council is the unifying voice of its members and stakeholders, and the primary catalyst for advancing the collective vision for the future of Downtown. We are committed to being a leader, an advocate and a resource for Downtown’s continuing development as an attractive, dynamic and economically vital place.

What is the relationship between DNC and the Downtown 100?

The Downtown Norfolk Council created the Downtown 100 with recognition that the future of Downtown Norfolk is in the hands of our young and emerging leaders. While DT100 has great autonomy, the Downtown Norfolk Council provides staff support, guidance and leadership. As the parent organization, Downtown Norfolk Council does all that it can to support the energy and potential of the Downtown 100. 

Downtown 100 Objectives

Leadership Development

DT100 members are the emerging leaders of the community for both today and tomorrow. The DT100 provides members the tools and opportunities to enhance their leadership skills.

Community Involvement

The DT100 sponsors issue-related forums that allow members to meet with city and regional leaders. These forums are vehicles that serve to inform and involve members in issues relevant to the Downtown community.

Volunteer and Networking Opportunities

The DT100 provides members with both volunteer and networking activities. Social functions provide opportunities for networking and friendship. Volunteer efforts provide a meaningful service to the Downtown community and therefore to the economic health of our region.

Downtown 100 Committee Structure

The Downtown 100 is divided into committees that meet monthly and are responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization.

Steering Committee
Steering Committee meets on the 3rd Thursday of the Month at 8am.

  • Consists of chairs of all DT100 committees plus the immediate past chairman of the steering committee and two at-large members to be selected by the Downtown 100 chairman.
  • Responsible for the coordination of all Downtown 100 committees
  • Discuss and recommend Downtown 100 policies and procedures
  • Chairman serves as liaison to the DNC Board of Directors

Membership/Communications Committee
Membership/Communications Committee meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 5:30pm.

  • Responsible for building and maintaining Downtown 100 membership
  • Manages the DT100 social media — Instagram and Facebook
  • Provides content for the DT100 monthly newsletter — Snapshot
  • Meets with downtown businesses to help recruit young professionals to join Downtown 100
  • Review applications from prospective new members and recommend committee assignments

Projects Committee
Projects Committee meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at Noon.

  • Research, recommend and coordinate the Downtown 100’s involvement in projects that on a long-term basis will have an impact on Downtown and an impact on the success of the organization
  • Research, recommend and coordinate one-time volunteer projects for the Downtown 100

Events Committee
Events Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30pm.

  • Develop, recommend and organize exciting and innovative social/networking events for DT100 members
  • Keep Downtown 100 members informed of events coordinated by other organizations that may be of interest to members

Leadership Development Committee
Leadership Development Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Noon.

  • Develop, recommend and organize quarterly forums to keep members informed about community issues
  • Coordinate leadership development seminars for Downtown 100 members

Downtown 100 Membership Guidelines

A Downtown 100 member is an individual who joins together with a group that is committed to the growth, well being and prosperity of Downtown Norfolk. This individual must either work or live Downtown, or be employed by an existing member of the Downtown Norfolk Council, and have a direct interest in keeping Downtown Norfolk growing and prospering. In addition to the $50.00 annual membership dues, the Downtown 100 member makes an annual commitment to be an active and responsible member as defined below.

  • Must commit to membership of one year to renew by mutual choice on the first day of each calendar year
  • Must be 21-40 years old
  • Must be an active member of a committee and annually attend at least 75% of your monthly committee meetings
  • Must attend at least four (4) DT100 sponsored events, projects or socials during the calendar year
  • Must attend at least one (1) Downtown Norfolk Council meeting or function during the calendar year
  • Must agree to volunteer to support the DT100’s Projects. A minimum of ten (10) hours of volunteer support is required.
  • For more information on becoming a member of the DT100, email or call 757-623-1757.

Membership Dues

  • Downtown 100 Membership dues will be $50.00 per year.
  • A $50 application fee will be charged and, once membership is approved, will be applied to the first year dues.
  • If a member resigns during the year, dues will not be refunded.  Downtown 100 membership is non-transferable.

Membership Application

Apply to join the DT100.

Member Listing

A complete list of current DT100 members.

DT100 Annual Reports