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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

In 2015, the Downtown Norfolk Council undertook a market based strategic plan for Downtown. Our goal was to develop a holistic vision to guide Downtown through the next five to ten years, along with specific tactics to link and enhance public spaces and assets. Informing the strategic plan were global trends affecting downtowns as well as downtown stakeholders’ feedback. Throughout the process the Downtown Norfolk Council encouraged participation from our downtown residents and businesses through an online survey and community open houses. The final plan set priorities for creating a fully connected and continuous urban fabric.

Now, the DNC is embarking on an update to the Downtown Norfolk Strategic Plan, with the goal to align the organization to a rapidly changing economic, social, and political landscape, while building on our fundamental strengths and exploring meaningful ways to become more responsive to community needs, goals and inclusion. Once again, the Downtown community and adjacent stakeholders will be invited to inform and guide the planning process.

Our strategic plans provide the framework and action needed to continue as Downtown's champion.

Reports and data on making the case for Downtown: