10th Annual Norfolk Bike Month

Traditionally, Bike Month has been a regional community celebration of biking as a healthy, economical and environmentally-friendly form of recreation brought to you by the Downtown Norfolk Council and the City of Norfolk. When more people ride bikes, life is better for everyone. 

It’s why this May, we will celebrate Bike Month, because bicycling is more essential to our lives than ever—and because we could all use some bike joy to look forward to. With less focus on biking to work, we’re going to focus on riding “there” whether “there” is to the grocer for essentials or to the park and back with the kids. We are encouraging everyone to think beyond biking to work and move towards a holistic approach to integrating bicycling into as many aspects of our daily lives as possible. Check back here for more details and a calendar of events in spring 2021. Happy riding!