Public Space Maintenance

Also providing a reassuring presence in pedestrian areas are our uniformed and highly trained Clean Team Ambassadors. Sidewalk sweeping machines (we call them Litter Getters) and pressure washers help them do their jobs more efficiently. Charged specifically with keeping the pedestrian areas clean and free of litter, they also have the seasonal responsibility of leaf and weed removal, plus they work closely with the police and property owners to keep Downtown Norfolk graffiti free.

Clean Team Ambassadors

  • Bike rack maintenance
  • Canine litter program
  • Daily sidewalk cleaning
  • Dog Park maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Gum removal
  • Leaf removal
  • Regular pressure washing of sidewalks
  • Special event support
  • Trash collection and litter removal
  • Treewell maintenance
  • Urban Eye - an opportunity for you to help
  • Weed eradication

District Support Certifications:

  • HRT Light Rail SafetyTraining Certification
  • VDOT Work Zone certification for Street Closures