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Black Art Reframed

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Norfolk State University’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts - Division of Fine Arts presents: Black Art Reframed: A Celebration of Black Excellence, hosted in collaboration with Got Blacklisted. This creative fundraising event and unique cultural arts experience aims to accelerate Black progress. Together, we will merge our collective missions and create immediate change while advancing racial equity. Through art, music, and vegan food this event will: (1) strengthen community outreach and engagement, (2) promote a healthier lifestyle by introducing vegan foods + plant-based meal prep tips and (3) help fundraise for the arts department while (4) boosting cultural exuberance.

Please join us on Friday, August 20 from 6PM - 10PM at NSU James Wise Gallery | E.L. Hamm Fine Arts Building for a one-of-a-kind immersive, Black cultural experience. This is a unique collaborative exhibition between 4 local fine artists & 7 live entertainers.

This event is for age 18+ and requires semi-formal attire (shorts and sneakers are not permitted).

Tickets sold at the NSU Ticket Center and Online

$40 / per person | Only $20 for the first 20 students