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Donal O'Shaughnessy

Category: Music

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Donal O´Shaughnessy is a multi-talented performer. He is a self taught musician playing Guitar, Fiddle, Keyboards, Pipe Organ, Bodhran and Mandolin. Although he is best known as a performer of Irish music and ballads, his repertoire includes hundreds of songs from pop, country, the swing era and many originals that have become favorites at his regular spots.

Donal is probably best known for his live performances. His quick wit and spontaneity with his audience keeps people in their seats until the very end of the night. He is oftimes called a comedian and is known for his work ethic as he rarely takes a break. On St. Patrick's Day 1997 he played 12 straight hours only repeating a song if it was requested! And in June 2003 played over 6 hours without so much as a pee break at Pickle Bill’s in Ohio.