Date and Time for this Past Event
  • Sat, Nov 16, 2019 - Mon, Jan 20, 2020  

You are invited to experience Impulse, a holiday interactive light and sound experience sure to brighten up cold winter nights in Downtown Norfolk. 

Impulse includes 12 giant glowing seesaws that emit warm lights and beautiful tonal sounds that change when put into motion by people. By playing on the seesaws, visitors will create an engaging and ever-changing choreography of lights and sound. The experience is as fun as it is mesmerizing and an absolute must-see this holiday season.

Free and open to the public. Hours are Sunday – Thursday 10am – 10pm and Friday and Saturday 10am – 11pm.


Impulse is a publicly activated light and sound experience. The project uses the idea of repetitive units of subtle light and sound that can be played by the public to create a temporal, ever-changing event. Impulse embodies ideas of serialism, repetition, and variation to produce zones of intensity and calm. An open space is transformed into a space of urban play through a series of interactive illuminated see-saws that respond and transform when put into motion by people. When not in use, the see-saws will stabilize to the horizontal and remain at a lower glowing level. When activated by users and inclined, the seesaws, augmented by LED lights and speakers, will increase in light intensity and emit a randomized sound sequence. This variation in intensity aims to animate the public space and its occupants once night has fallen. Impulse will be an ever-changing urban composition and urban instrument, in which city dwellers are the musicians and artists.

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