Offsite Gallery exhibition "Remembering Her Homecoming"

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Date and Time for this Past Event
  • Friday, Dec 6, 2019  5:30pm-7:30pm

Join Offsite Gallery for an opening reception December 6, 5:30pm - 7:30pm.
Free & open to the public. Film screening at 6pm.
As a black female artist working and learning in Richmond, VA, which was once the center of slave trading in the region, Nastassja Swift explores how the ancestral footsteps of black women have contributed to the stories and history of black girlhood in Richmond, VA. Consisting of wearable fiber sculptures, photography and film, "Remembering Her Homecoming" illustrates a moment of remembrance and reflection on the women who have roamed the spaces before us.
"Remembering Her Homecoming"
By Natassaja Swift, Marlon Turner & Torian Ugworji
Gallery hrs: M-Saturday, 10am-9pm, Sundays 12-6pm

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