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Art Exhibition "A Series of Monotonous Tings/Contagion" by Christine Rucker

Category: Art

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Opening reception: June 26, 4:30-6:30pm
Free & open to the public

A Series of Monotonous Tings/Contagion invites you to reflect on what is at risk by ignoring mental and physical well-being under the constant demands of work and current challenges to intimacy.

A bell’s ting-ting-ting calls you out of bed. Brush your teeth, drink coffee, check email and prepare that magnificent face for the work day. Every day seems like proof you have mastered yourself. You are so good at this routine. You could drive to work with your eyes closed.

In A Series of Monotonous Tings, we are welcomed into a driver’s subconscious mind when they fall into a deep highway hypnosis. As you progress through each monotonous ting, you’ll find an initial state of generalized anxiety transforms into trauma. The anxiety is intensified by another set of tings: intrusive memories.

This exhibition combines those paintings and prints with Contagion, a series of drawings exploring how infectious disease interferes with intimacy. Streams of infectious cells divide and grow into memories. Infection can be an invisible nerve ending, forcing a person to reconfigure connections to both others and self.

Christine Rucker received her BFA from Pratt Institute.

Safety measures are in place throughout MacArthur Center.
Exhibition on view: June 19-July 31, 2020
Closing reception: July 31, 4:30pm-6:30pm