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The CAN Opener

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TheCAN Opener is the opening night of the 2022 CAN Festival at Assembly. The evening will consist of multi-floor programming including a pop-up shop consisting of merchandise from Hampton Roads based makers, podcasts, film screenings, artist meet and greets, and live music. The CAN Opener will also serve as opening night of ‘In Conjunction’, a CAN Foundation exhibition and auction including the works of top emerging artists from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic States.
Exhibiting artists include Nastassja Swift, Adewale Alli, Asa Jackson, Mahari Chabwera, Hampton Boyer, Dathan Kane, Alex Michael, Leigh Suggs, Jabari Jefferson, Austin Miles, Andy Harris, Nadd Harvin, Christopher Revels, Thomas O’Casey, Lisa Brown, Chip Jackson, Wade Mickley, Nico Cathcart, Andrew Samuel Harrison, Angelique Scott, and Randy Hess.