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Lights Over Granby

Arch Lighting has returned to Granby Street

Lights Over Granby is a nod to Downtown’s history when arched lights were on display from 1909 to 1925. In this initial phase, 10 arches between 300 to 500 feet apart will run from City Hall Avenue to Brambleton Avenue. The lights are composed of 42-foot stainless steel cable connected to 24-foot light poles on either side of Granby Street. The bulbs, 40 on each cable, are five inches wide.

The lights create a unique sense of place in Downtown Norfolk to enjoy whether at a First Fridays Downtown Street Party, taking advantage of Downtown's walkability as you make your way to delicious dining and unique retail, or simply enjoying an evening stroll on Granby Street.

Funding for Lights Over Granby was made possible by the Downtown Improvement District’s taxes that are paid by Downtown property owners.