Who in their right mind schedules a budget review at 3pm on a Friday anyway?! Wouldn't they rather be checking out the latest exhibit at the Chrysler Museum? Stocking up on some fresh produce at Commune's Farmer's Market? Checking out the local beaches? Or kicking off their long weekend scoping out the rest of the state? 

Seriously, dozing off during a Friday meeting is a crime against your hard-earned vacation time. You deserve a day off, and, lucky you, Virginia has some awesome stuff to offer. Let's try something radical....let's CRUSH Friday. 



So let's cash in on some of that saved up vacation time and Crush Friday. 

Hang Out: Check out all the awesome events happening Downtown here. There is so. much. to. do.
Eat: Downtown is jam-packed with amazing restaurants
Get Cultured: Downtown is a cultural hub for the region, with so many museums, art galleries, arts organizations, and more. Check them out.
Stay: Make it a true vacation at one of our beautiful hotels.