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Susan Tolbert ā€” Abstract Paintings

Category: Art

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Susan Tolbert was originally a realist painter but working from observation was limiting due to what she could actually see and working from the flattened record of reality captured by a camera became a bore. She eventually began using a variety of collage techniques to create abstract paintings. Susan states “As a citizen of the consumer culture, I have succumbed to art making that is dependent on the constant shopping for and hoarding of printed images. I shop the art magazines of the last 20 years, snipping and clipping.” Collages are enlarged and an underpainting is created before she begins the task of reproducing in oil each little scrap of paper as close to the original as possible.
Susan received a Master of Fine Arts from The George Washington University and has taught high school art classes for 12 years. In addition, she has taught for the Smithsonian’s continuing education program, the Chrysler Museum continuing education program, The Governor’s School, NPS’s summer gifted program and was an Adjunct Associate Professor at TCC’s VisualArtsCenter.
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Gallery hours. Monday - Saturday, 11am-7pm, Sunday Noon-6pm
Free & open to the public.
Safety measures are in place throughout MacArthur Center. Offsite Gallery is located on the 2nd Floor, Suite #287.