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Category: Commercial Services


723 Woodis Ave
Suite 3
Norfolk, VA 23510

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Downtown Norfolk Council Member  Downtown Norfolk Council Member

Let’s imagine you are participating in a trade show and want to make a big splash. Tag-Ink can assist you in defining your strengths and the things you do differently from your competition. Their great minds then meld those strategic assets into a single, unifying theme. Sounds simple, and they make it look easier than it is. From there, Tag-Ink presents you with a concise range of options that enhance your theme, promote your concept and probably the most important of all, adhere to your budget.

It’s rare that a client has an unlimited budget, so Tag-Ink automatically looks for the most cost-effective solutions that meet your criteria for a successful promotion. Look at it this way, a clever and concise promotion will increase your company’s profile and open the dialogue between you and your potential customers. It may even drive some immediate customers to your doorsteps. But it’s your effort and sales ability that will close the deal and take your promotion from just a feel-good experience to a solid, profitable business success. Are you up for that? Tag-Ink is if you are.


Mon-Fri, 9:00am-6:00pm.

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