Beth Patterson

Category: Music

Dates and Times for this Past Event
  • Saturday, Jan 16, 2021  6:00pm
  • Friday, Jan 15, 2021  6:00pm
  • Thursday, Jan 14, 2021  6:00pm
  • Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021  6:00pm
  • Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021  6:00pm
  • Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020  6:00pm

Come meet an award-winning musical misfit who crawled out of a Louisiana bayou and embarked on a journey paved by progressive rock. She headed for Istanbul and took a wrong turn somewhere around Ireland, creating delicious mayhem along the way: inventing some scandalous new traditions, coining some new words, collecting sick jokes and playing some blazing new riffs with a hypnotic new sound...
She was a regular performer at O'Flaherty's Irish Pub in New Orleans's famed French Quarter, until Hurricane Katrina hit at the end of August 2005. O'Flaherty's has not reopened at its original site, and at last report will not reopen in the future, but Patterson has since begun playing regularly at other New Orleans venues, particularly Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street, and Carrollton Station in the Riverbend on Willow Street. She has also toured in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Belgium, as well as much of the United States. She is especially a favorite of Celtic music fans in the Washington, D.C. area. See Less

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