STRIVE Workshop: Maximizing Your Digital Footprint

Category: Virtual

Date and Time for this Past Event
  • Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021  9:00am-10:15am

Find out what you’re doing right—and wrong—in this STRIVE Workshop designed to help you maximize the digital presence of your business.
Just having a Facebook page or a website is enough, right? Probably not.

Join Kaycee McCoy, digital marketing pro and owner of Create/Captivate Digital Marketing, as she guides you through a complete breakdown of what you need to excel in a digital world.

Learn how to do an audit of your digital presence. You may be shocked to learn how much of your business is online without you knowing! Kaycee will give you the tools you need to find out what is out there about your business.

After you identify a problem it’s time to fix it, right? Kaycee has you covered there too! She will go over how to fix common issues that business owners have when creating their digital presence.

Lastly, Kaycee will be discussing the main places that you as business owners have to be online. She will identify these areas and go over how to set up shop in these key spaces.


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