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Downtown Norfolk Summer - Family Restaurants

Family-Friendly Food in Downtown Norfolk

After so much family fun, we want to make sure everybody's belly is full. No need to fear! Downtown Norfolk has plenty of family-friendly restaurants, and they are all within walking distance of many family activities. You can find all of our suggestions here, but just to name a few:

  • Pizza in Downtown Norfolk is some of the best around. Benny Damato's offers up simply topped grab-and-go slices as big as your kid (we're only slightly exaggerating) for a low price. If you want more of a traditional pizzeria experience, Granby Street Pizza serves up delicious pies, garlic knots, and other Italian fare.
  • Downtown Norfolk sandwiches can't be beat. For something a little more decadent, be sure to check out Grilled Cheese Bistro, which serves up comforting grilled cheeses kids will love (mac & cheese grilled cheese is every kid's dream, right?) and some more refined grilled cheese combos for the parents' palate (blueberries and brie, apples and cheddar, or a hearty Reuben). Famous Uncle Al's serves up fan-favorite hot dogs for the kids, but also has specialty sandwiches and subs for the parents. Subway, Jimmy John's, and Which Wich are consistently reliable places to get a quick sandwich to go. 
  • Treat yourself and your kids with some Downtown Norfolk desserts. La Brioche is an authentic French bakery with freshly baked bread, croissants, tarts, and more; Urban Ice offers cold, rolled ice cream on a hot summer day; S'mores Amore fires up delicious variations of the campfire classic with a blowtorch right before your eyes for gooey s'mores goodness on demand; and Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts in the NEON District has delicate macarons in a beautiful, peaceful garden setting.