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Dog Friendly Downtown

Dog-Friendly Downtown

Downtown Norfolk LOVES dogs. Seriously. If you take your doggo on a walk around Downtown, we bet you will find most of the following: dog bowls outside of local establishments filled with water on a hot day, a great little dog walk to romp around in, doggie bag stations (and plenty of trash cans to discard them in after use -- so no excuses on not picking up after your pet, right?), and probably our own staff waiting to ask if your dog is friendly and we can pet them (I mentioned Downtown loves dogs, right?). 


Our residents love dogs too: we have seen a major uptick in the number of puppers calling Downtown Norfolk their home. Our local businesses are doing all they can to accommodate our four-legged compatriots.


Dog-Friendly Downtown Restaurant Patios

Scotty Quixx Baxter's California Pizza Kitchen
Todd Jurich's Bistro California Burrito Commune
219 American Bistro Grace O'Malley's Granby Street Pizza
Brick Anchor Brew-House Brick Anchor Brew-House Sanctuary
Lamia's Crepes Waterside District Plaza Azteca
456 Fish Leone's Hokkaido
aLatte Cafe Waterside Seafood Company  

Dog-Friendly Places to Live

Resources for Downtown Doggies

Parks & Trails, for taking your favorite furry friend for a long walk, run, or bike ride:


Nearby vets, for when your pooch isn't feeling their peppiest:

Nearby Dog Supplies, Daycare, and Grooming, because everybody needs a bath sometimes:


City of Norfolk Dog Regulations

  • Click here to learn more about city dog regulations.

Dog-Friendly Events

  • Sunday Dog Days at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Load up the car and head out to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Sundays during the summer to take your dog on the most beautiful walk surrounded by all the fantastic plants that the Norfolk Botanical Gardens have!

To see EVERYTHING going on in Downtown Norfolk, check out our events calendar.

Downtown Norfolk Council's Pet Waste Initiative

Downtown Norfolk Council strives to promote awareness regarding pet waste and how it impacts the Downtown environment while making it easy for our residents to be responsible, courteous pet owners. For more information about this program, click here.

So there you have it! Everything you'll need to be sure you and your little buddy have a happy and healthy time in and around Downtown Norfolk. Happy tails to you!